Preparing Your Pets for When the Kids Go Back to School

Preparing Your Pets for When the Kids Go Back to School

In just a matter of a week or so, summer vacation will be over and your kids will be going back to school. While it may be a relief for some parents, it’s also a time of change for your pets that they need to grow accustomed to.

Over the past months, your pet has been through many fluctuations in their day-to-day activities, much of which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having kids go back to school full time could be a substantial departure from normal. While most schools were open to in-person learning at the end of last school year, August could be the return to normal schedules, which is something your pet hasn’t been used to.

Although many kids look forward to being back with their friends, pets are likely to experience the opposite shift in socialization. So how do you prepare your pets for this household change? Here are four top tips to help ease the transition for everyone.

1.) Use toys and treats to distract from your absence

The ASPCA suggests giving your dog a food-stuff toy filled with their favorite treats which can help keep them distracted at the beginning of the day when your kids leave. Make sure you put the toy away when you get home and only give it to them when you leave, so it signals that it is safe when your kids leave and that they can count on your return.

2.) Practice a new schedule

Your pet thrives on a routine, and with the kids going back to school they could look at this as a major disruption. Set new walk times and a feeding schedule that matches up with the new school schedule. Also, make sure to schedule daily playtime for both cats and dogs.

3.) Keep the television on or play music

Your pet has been used to having noise in the house each day, and when your kids go back to school, the silence can be an unsettling experience for pets. It is a good idea to have music playing on a radio or smart device, or leave the television on so they continue to hear voices throughout the day.

4.) Exercise is key to start the day

Consider longer walks in the morning for your dog as a means to tire them out earlier in the day. This in turn could help relax them throughout the day, encouraging them to take naps, and making their day go by faster. For cats, give them some extra playtime before everyone leaves for the day to help stave off the boredom that they could encounter while you’re gone.

“It is important to exercise your pet’s body as well as their mind. By encouraging your pet to think, you can reduce the amount of physical exercise they need and give them the enrichment they crave,” says Larimer Humane Society Supervising Veterinarian Dr. Lindsey Gapstur. “Some great ways to do this include, but are not limited to, toys that require them to work for treats, running through trick commands while taking them on a walk, placing their food in a maze bowl, creating games that make simple play like fetching more challenging. You might also consider teaching them a new trick or working on existing ones.” 

5.) Try Pet CBD to help with Anxiety <3 

We have teamed up with Proper Canna Naturals which is made right here in our very own incredible State~! Their CBD hemp oil is sustainably grown and sourced from our USDA Certified Organic indoor and outdoor hemp farms right here in Northern Colorado. Our whole plant, full-spectrum hemp extract works synergistically and therapeutically with your pet's entire endocannabinoid system. This product is free from any harsh chemicals and hand crafted with Organic MCT coconut oil for optimal flavor, absorption and effectiveness.


We recommend starting with a low dosage and monitoring the effects of this product on your pet. You can then increase the dosage as you and / or your veterinarian deem appropriate for the desired results. Take your pet's size into consideration when determining your initial dosage. A great starting point is 1mg / 2 drops of extract per 5 lbs of weight. See our recommended pet dosing chart below. There are approximately 1,200 drops per 30ml bottle. Click this link to learn more :)

These simple additions to your routine can help your pet avoid boredom and even strengthen the bond with your family!

We Thank our friends over at Larimer Humane Society for writing this blog last year. We added #5 as our own contribution in what we have seen helping over the years. Please see Larimer Humane Society Please go in and check out their adobtable furbabies looking for their furever homes <3  If you can not adopt currently, maybe you can donate.  Check out their site to see needed items =)  Thank you to our Nature's Select Family