A Letter from Nature's Select of Colorado

 *Spring Price Increase Alert*

To Our Nature's Select Customers:

Greetings. We have tried hard to not roll out price increases but have experienced many of our own and in every aspect of our operation.  We want to take a moment to inform you of what to expect over the next few months and share our hope of reducing prices near the middle of summer.

If we were to share specific increases with you, we would discuss our warehousing cost that has increased 60% since the beginning of last year.  We would mention the increase in trucking that has caused a 3-400% increase in our cost to put a bag on the shelf.  We might mention the 25% increase in packing materials and shipping fees for those we serve via shipping. But what motivates this mailing today is the average 30% increase in our wholesale cost per bag of every dry food product Nature's Select offers.  We are informed that some of the increase is temporary, and our cost per bag should be reduced when product we receive in June is in our facility.  However, we do not have firm figures of what the new cost will be, and are also informed that they will be higher than the cost prior to the increase.

Something I have always known is that Nature's Select formulation and ingredients are superior to other foods in the marketplace.  In fact, I was feeding good foods, and personally saw improvements in all my animals upon switching to Nature's Select!  That is how I came to be a distributor, sharing good health with as many as possible in Colorado.  Likewise, others that have teamed with me were also pet owners offering our good food before they came on board to serve you.  So, we understand that economy is important, but taking good care of our furred friends is more important, and is more economical in the long run. 
We also compare with the prices of similar foods offered in the community on a periodic basis.  We have found similar substantial increases.  This is an industry wide concern.  We ask you to consider that in most cases Nature's Select foods go further- my animals ate notably less food after my switch many years ago, and I continue to find when free feeding that food is left in the bowl.  You get more for your money with Nature's Select.
We hope you will stand with us as we continue to serve you and yours.  We also ask for your trust, as we will offer pricing that is as low as possible to keep the doors open.  We aren't doing anyone a favor if we are not able to continue.  We ask for your patience as we hope to alleviate the price increases if and when the promised reduction occurs as June stock is received.
We welcome your contact and any question you may have.  We also look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.  Please accept our sincere thanks. 

Your Nature's Select Family



Nature's Select of Colorado