6 tips for a Healthier, Happier Furbaby~!


Proper Feeding

It’s important to understand how much your furbaby needs to eat per day. If you feed your pet one and a half cups twice daily, then you feed your dog a total of three cups per day. Sticking to a consistent feeding schedule is important to maintain a healthy weight. Not sure how much to feed your dog? Check out our feeding guidelines on the back of your bag of pet food or click here to read our latest blog about it.



Playing with your furbaby and taking them on daily walks (What cats enjoy leashes too~! Haha). Exercise is so important for so many reasons! Not only does it keep your pet engaged, but it also strengthens your bond with your furbaby and builds trust and closeness. Take your dog to your local dog park, throw the ball for both your Kitties and Doggies~! Just watch how quickly it makes you and your pet smile. Talk about a total mood booster!


Stay Hydrated

Keeping fresh water available at all times is essential to your pet’s overall health. Be sure to replace the water every morning and night, and make sure your pet has access to clean water throughout the day. Keeping your pet hydrated is key for good health throughout their life. If they are more active on a certain day, give them more water.


Healthy Stool

Your pets’s poop should be firm, consistent, and easy to clean up. With Nature’s Select, your pet gets the nutrients they need to stay healthy so their stool should always be this way! If your pet’s poop becomes loose/runny, changes in color, or you notice they are pooping less often, it could be an indicator of an allergy or digestive issue. Contact us to switch your recipe or contact your vet to see if there’s an underlying issue.


Proper Care

You pet’s overall health is important, and it is the key to a long and healthy life with you! No one knows your pet better than you, so be sure to do twice yearly checkups to ensure everything is working properly. If you notice your pet acts differently, has loss of appetite, seems lazier, or develops habits like itching or biting, contact your vet.


Brain Games

Just like humans, pets can get bored too! Looking up fun DIY projects, playing hide and seek, and testing your dog’s sniffing abilities, are all great ways to engage your pet in stimulating exercises to keep them entertained. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks never tried hard enough! Dogs and Cats are so smart and can always learn something new.